Analyzer BAS-100 TS – Semi-Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer



  • BAS-100TS uses both a suction pump system and a cuvette system for analytical testing.
  • Photometric scanning of Spectrum, Analysis in multiple longitude of wave and kinetics, endpoint, fixed time, kinetic. Blank of water or blank of reagent method can be linear or nonlinear, according to the type of reagent you are using.
  • Diagnosis of Operation
  • Automatic Calibration
  • System of aspiration of sample (Pale of flow, Aspiration System, Faslk of Residuals, Tubes, Connectors, Etc)
  • Power Cable Included
  • Works with WindowsCE operating system. Single chip machine, does not require Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • Enzyme Kinetic GPT GOT tests.



Technical Specifications

Assay method: Absorbance, concentration, factor, 1 point end point, 2 point end (Sample blank), fixed time, kinetic, and dichromatic, immunoturbidimetric. Coagulation (optional).
Wave Length: 7 filters, 340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 630 as standard configuration. (5 years warranty for each filter)
Light source: 6V 10W Long-life Tungsten halogen lamp. Service life 2000 hours.
Light has auto shutdown function that will extend usage period.
Auto-Sleep function.
Display: 7.0 inch TFT Color touch screen,260000 Pixel,800×480 resolution; real time to show response curve
Built-in Thermal Printer: Built-in Thermal Printer, 57mm printer paper
Paper alarm, transparent cover; easy installation
Incubation temperature: 37℃ and room temperature are standby; temperature accuracy±0.1℃,
by means of Peltier elements
Flow cell capacity and optical path: 32ul, 10mm
Resolution: 0.0001 Abs
Photometric Range: 0 – 3.5 Abs
Absorbance range: 0.0000-2.5000(10mm flowcell)
0.0000-3.5000(6mm flowcell)
Spectral Band:

< 8 nm

Vacuum system programmable:

200 – 5000 ul at least
Carry over:     <1%;
Stability: <0.005Abs/hour
Absorbance Precision: 0.0001Abs;
Absorbance drift: <0.005Abs/hour
Absorbance repeatability: CV≤1%
QC analysis:   L-J QC chart , Westguard  Multi-regulation analysis.
Software: Window CE 6.0 operation system,high-capacity storage; edit 200 assay program,200000 results
Unlimited storage by connecting to computer.
Single chip machine, does not require Windows XP or Windows 7.
Operation Manual: Available in 4 different languages
CPU: ARM Cortex-A8, 720MHz
Memory: DDR2 SDRAM: 1G bit
Flash: 256 MB
Over 200 programs, 200,000 results can be stored
USB Port:  USB Mouse; USB keypad; USB Printer; 4 USB ports for Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, U Disk, Bar Code Reader. 1 USB Slave for PC connections (supports PC software control function).
1 Ethernet port.
Supports all HP series inkjet printers; Computer control software,LIS system available. External scanner is available. Support remote diagnostics
Operational Environment: Temperature: 10℃~37. Humidity: ≤85%.
Power supply: Wide power supply: 100-240V  50Hz or 60Hz.
Dimensions: 400mm (L) x 300mm (W) 160mm (H)
Weight: 17 lbs..

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