Auto chemistry analyzer  iMagic M7

Auto chemistry analyzer iMagic M7


  • Small:CBM≤0.1m3 (50cm*44cm*47cm), the smallest in the world; Net Weight is only 37KG
  • Fast:Constant speed 100~120T/H, the fastest speed among the similar size equipments;the fastest service response;
  • More:72 reagent/sample positions can be defined flexibly; 48 reusable/disposable cuvettes
  • Economy:Minimum sample volume is 3ul; minimum reaction volume is 180ul; Lower test costs
  •  Professional: Accurate result; Stable performance; Durable material

icubio imagic M7

iMagic M7


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iChem-520 Fully automatic

iChem-520 Fully automatic

 iChem-520 - bio-techbd


●Bench top, Discrete, random access, fully automated;
●Constant speed 200 tests per hour;
●Unique Self-lubricating lead rail, accurate positioning and low noise
●Refrigerated reagent compartment with 45 reagent positions;
●120 reusable cuvettes with 7-step auto wash;
●Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection & collision protection
●Reversed optic system with 8 wavelengths: 340~700nm (2 optional)
●Automatic dilution for abnormal sample
●External bar code reader (optional)
●Bi-directional LIS interface
●Multi-language available

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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer BS-230

Auto Biochemistry Analyzer BS-230

BS-230 is a CUTE, multi-active benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer following a throughput at 200 T/H, occurring to 400 T/H back ISE.Though behind a compact size, it has achieved a host of militant functions never by now found on a bearing in mind product in the heavens, making it an optimal chemistry final for little laboratories and a in front happening happening-going on tool for mid-to-high ensue less laboratories.



BS-230 Features

BS-230 Features 2 / Biotech BD