CIA600 Full-auto Chemiluminescence Analyzer

CIA 600 1

CIA 600 is a small full-auto chemiluminescence analyzer characterized by small size, low maintenance costs, and complete reagent test menu. It is particularly suitable for the medium & small hospitals and hospitals in remote areas.

CIA 600 3


Reagent System

Micro superparamagnetic beads, quick response and complete reaction.

New APLS substrate,and the time to reach platform stage can be shortened to less than 20s, which can greatly shorten the test time.

Complete test menu which can be applied in the detections of thyroid function, fertility, GlycoMetabolism, bone metabolism, tumor markers, Hepatic fibrosis, Prenatal screening, cardiac markers, etc. The menu will be expanded.

Six-point / two-point calibration.

Reagent Loading

10 kinds of reagents can be loaded at the same time, and continuous loading can be implemented without stopping the test.

Barcode scanning to load the reagent kits.

Automatic continuous magnetic bead mixing system.

Sample Loading

78 pcs of samples can be loaded at the same time, and continuous loading can be without stopping the test process.

Networking with LIS connection.

Compatible with primary collection tubes(75mm/100mm).

Other Advantages

Disposable tip sampling system to avoid cross-contamination

24-hour standby,samples can be detected at any time

Batch processing, STAT

Liquid level detection , reagent volume monitoring, failure alarm

Automatic dilution, and the dilution ratio can be set randomly.

Incubation conditions:37℃ stable.

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