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Fully Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer ICUBIO iChem-520

Features: ●Bench top, Discrete, random access, fully automated; ●Constant speed 200 tests per hour; ●Unique Self-lubricating lead rail, accurate positioning and low noise ●Refrigerated reagent compartment with 45 reagent positions; ●120 reusable cuvettes with 7-step auto ...
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Fully Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer ICUBIO iMagic-M7

Feature: Small:CBM≤0.1m3 (50cm*44cm*47cm), the smallest in the world; Net Weight is only 37KG Fast:Constant speed 100~120T/H, the fastest speed among the similar size equipments;the fastest service response; More:72 reagent/sample positions can be defined flexibly; 48 reusable/disposable cuvettes ...
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